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Add Microthemer menu

There again, it would be nice (either in the pages menu or separately, as in Admin Pages Spider Pro) to have the possibility to directly go to edit a page in Microthemer (APS Pro adds a Microthemer (and Elementor, Oxygen, etc) menu and when we click on a page in that menu, it automatically opens it in Microthemer (or Elementor, etc.). You do have more options, but these (with maybe CPT) is what is missing to be able to completely replace APS Pro.
Under Review Nelson Therrien Nelson Therrien shared this idea


  1. Nelson/Gene,

    I installed and activated Microthemer on my test site and see that it adds a Microthemer item in the admin bar. When it is clicked on the front end, it shows the Microthemer interface with the current page in the frame.

    Can you elaborate on what you are looking for?

  2. Yes… But we need to manually go to the page first. I would be good to be able to select the page directly in the menu without having to go to that page first (just like for Elementor or else)… At least, that’s what APP does… Haven’t used the plugin really yet, as I haven’t used Kadence too much… I think that your plugin is more for shortcodes to “features” or “settings”, while APP is more to pages/posts/CPT… So, maybe the goad isn’t the same.

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