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Add Microthemer menu

There again, it would be nice (either in the pages menu or separately, as in Admin Pages Spider Pro) to have the possibility to directly go to edit a page in Microthemer (APS Pro adds a Microthemer (and Elementor, Oxygen, etc) menu and when we click on a page in that menu, it automatically opens…

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Add Elementor menu

Elementor being the most popular page builder, it would be nice to have it directly in the top bar (or that it would open Elementor when we click on edit for a page). That’s one of the few features missing in comparison to a tool like Admin Page Spider Pro (https://j7digital.com/downloads/admin-page-spider-pro-pack/).

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Make it available to all sites in multi-sites intallation

Rigth now it does work when you install it on a multi-sites installation, but you need to activate and configure it on each sub-site. Would be nice if we could do it just on the main site and it would activate it (and preferably keep the same settings) on all sub-sites.

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Add Custom Post Types

Great plugin. Can you a setting for registered Custom Post Types?

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